Authorised Distributor in India for SIGLENT Technologies.

SIGLENT started to research and develop the Digital Oscilloscope independently in 2002. The products have already covered digital oscilloscope, Isolated handheld oscilloscope, Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator, DC Power Supply and Spectrum Analyzer and other general test instruments after a decade's development. Since the first Digital oscilloscope ADS 7000 series was produced in 2005, SIGLENT always keeps more than 50% of the annual growth rate and the fastest-developing DSO manufacturer for over 7 years. Nowadays, SIGLENT becomes the leading manufacturer of oscilloscopes by shipments in China.

SIGLENT is a national high-tech company, concentrates on R&D, sales, production and services of measurement products. SIGLENT is the ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certified company. Besides, SIGLENT is the fellow member of China Electronic Instrument Industry Association and Guangdong Instrument Representative Association. SIGLENT has a strong comprehensive R&D team with more than 90 R&D engineers, which consists of the hardware department, software department, industrial design department and test department, and equips with the advanced equipment environmental lab.

SIGLENT believes that innovation is the core drive for the development of a company and invests more than 15% of total worldwide sales in the R&D annually. SIGLENT has lots of patents until now, some of the core technologies are in pole position. In 2005, the unique EasyHunting technology makes the digital oscilloscope's precision of SIGLENT increase 2-4 times than the same level of digital oscilloscopes. In 2010, the digital oscilloscope named SDS1000CF with 300M and four-channel obtained the technical innovation fund support of the small- and medium-sized enterprise. In 2011, SIGLENT launched the isolated handheld oscilloscope named the SHS1000 series, which broke the monopoly and filled the gap domestically.

All the products in SIGLENT have passed the CE certification and part of the products have passed the American UL certification. Meanwhile, for the sake of improving efficiency and guaranteeing the quality of products, SIGLENT introduced ERP system, adopted the on-site 7S production management and established the performance appraisal system, etc.

SIGLENT always focuses on the electronic T&M instrument industry, insists on the R&D as the core competitiveness, and keeps the strong competitive through unceasing technology innovation and strict quality control. At the same time, SIGLENT deepens the brand construction step by step. SIGLENT has been and always will be your best choice and the most reliable partner.


Tenmars is an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer specializing in the Test and Measurement Instruments. Tenmars R&D team has over 20 years experience in the OEM/ODM projects and are constantly developing new products to bring Mutual benefits to our customers. Tenmars take missions seriously, and back them up with advance facilities and technology:

  • Design and produce safe, user-friendly, and high quality instruments.
  • Produce the high performance digitalized and computerized instruments with the advanced technology and equipments.
  • Offer various, reliable and endurable instruments to meet the customer's satisfaction.

Tenmars product range includes :

  • Sound Level Meter & Calibrator. CO2, Temp./RH Meter & LED Monitor.
  • USB Datalogger (water resistance IP-65).
  • Temperature Meter.
  • Air Velocity Meter (Temp./ RH/ Pressure).
  • EMF & RF Field Strength Meter.
  • UVA/B, Light, LED Light & Solar Power Meter.
  • Radiation Meter.

  • Clamp Meter & Multimeter.
  • Tacho Meter.
  • Insulation Meter.
  • Milliohm Meter.
  • Phase/Motor Rotation Tester (waterproof IP-67).
  • Battery Impedance Tester.
  • LAN / Multimedia Cable Tester.